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Tobacco Scan Data With Altria Loyalty
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Customer is responsible to register with Altria/IRI and use for all email communications.

Customer is responsible to register with RJR/MSA and use for all email communications.

Customer will send all buy-down, VAP, Multi-pack and loyalty promotions to BandyWorks 1 week prior to implementing.

Customer will send reciepts with sample discounts for multi-pack and loyalty transactions and receive confirmation prior to implementing.

Customer will review weekly updates and notify BandyWorks via if there are any difference between their records and submittal summaries.

Customer will provide access to data (via logmein for back office PC or via POS dashboard) or provide the data weekly via FTP transfer.

Customer acknowledges agreement is subject to the terms as listed on this web page which are subject to change each month. Customer payment of each month invoice is acceptance of the terms for that period. These terms may be modified for future months due to changes in the market regulations and conditions.

I have read and understand these conditions. Scan data results are directly impacted by my execution and completion of these items.

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